Join Me for Advent of Code 2023

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Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash

As the end of the year approaches, it’s time to gear up for an exhilarating coding journey with the much-anticipated Advent of Code event! Starting from December 1st, Eric Wastl drop daily programming puzzles that challenge and inspire developers.

What is Advent of Code?

Advent of Code is a month-long (25 days to be most precise) coding event featuring daily challenges released throughout December. From brain-teasing puzzles to complex problems, each task is designed and crafted to test your problem-solving skills and ignite your coding passion.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or looking to dive deeper into the world of coding, this anual event offers an excellent opportunity to improve your skills, explore innovative solutions, and connect with a community of coders.

Join Me!

Similar to previous years, my aim remains to tackle each puzzle on the very day it’s released. Furthermore, I endeavor to share my solutions (complete code will be available at my GitHub repo!) and insights here. To respect your own discoveries, learnings and “A-HA” moments I’ll be posting articles with at least a one-day delay. Tackling down the challenges at your own pace is what I enjoy the most, even sometimes taking more than 1 day (or week) to complete a challenge.

You can solve each puzzle using any programming language of your choice. If you’re inclined to try JavaScript or unsure where to begin, I personally maintain a publicly available template repository on GitHub. You’re welcome to utilize this as a foundation or start from scratch.

Why are posts are wrote in Portuguese?

While the original puzzles are written in English and the official subreddit also uses English, I’ll make my effort for those who speak Portuguese (like me 🇧🇷) to join and discuss it.

So, besides this first post every other post from this year will (probably) be written in Portuguese.