boo - Environment Diagnoser

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TL;DR: boo is a zero dependency environment diagnoser to easily check what’s missing and what’s not.

boo is a simple script with no dependency (just bash) that helps on diagnosing the local environment for missing dependencies. Sometimes, something is missing and it can be the source of the issue. Instead of diagnosing everything, from source code to integrations, boo can guarantee that a missing dependency is not the case.


Configuring new machines from scratch eventually leads to missing tools, libs or dependencies. boo helps on diagnose, list and could provide guidance on how to fix it.

Also, when on starting new projects on totally new codebases or even when something got updated and the logs are not helping(maybe everything is broken?), boo can give a direction if something is missing.

Use Cases

Here are some use cases for boo:

  • Diagnose your local environment on missing dependencies
  • Diagnose created containers for missing dependencies without pain
  • Diagnose new configured machines for eventually missing dependencies


curl -Ls | sudo bash

More Info

Check how to use it at boo Repo at GitHub. Feel free to fork, contribute or report an issue.